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Little red riding hood and the wolf.
I did this inspired on a version of the story where the wolf tries to become a friend of Little Red Riding Hood, but she just uses him.
To the extreme point of him dying. She then realises her error and houls to the moon in regret...
Or al least i think it goes like that..
Anyway this was one of those rare times that i can draw exactly what i imagined. Cool right!?

Caperucita Roja y el lobo.
Lo hice inspirado en la version de la historia donde el lobo trata de hacerse amigo de caperucita pero ella termina solo usandolo al grado extremo de el lobo morir. Ella entonces se da cuenta de su error y auya a la luna en remordimiento...
O por lo menos es lo que recuerdo...
De todas maneras, esto fue una de esas raras ocasiones donde puedo dibujar exactamente lo que imagine, ¿¡genial verdad!?

Im really happy with this one. Colored it with Ohuhu markers and wooden pencils and a white gel pen :v.

Estoy muy contenta con este. Fue coloreado con Marcadores Ohuhu y colores de madera, y un boligrafo blanco :v

One of my first oc creations along with Mr. Cat and Cool Cat. I'll post a image of the three later.
Colored with Ohuhu Markers and Crayola wood pencils.
Uno de mis primeras creaciones con El señor Gato y Cool Cat. Pondre una foto de los tres al rato.
Coloreado con Marcadores Ohuhu y lapizes de madera Crayola.


Name (Full): Mia Connell (The Wolf XD)

Nickname: Mika

Gender: Female

Sex Orientation: Heterosexual

Age (Actual): 20 years

Date of Birth: 3rd of November.

Place of Birth: Sierra Mountain Town/City (Fan Made c: )

Species: Wolf

Ocupation: Element Keeper/Guardian

Weapons: Sword named Seith

World/Planet: Mobius


Height: 98 cm/38 inch/3.2 ft

Weight: 33 kg/72.7 pounds

Fur: Light Brown (paleish) and white undercoat.

Eye Color: Yellowww

Dress/Clothing: V-lined shirt with gray and white stripes, light blue jeans and white gloves. Some grey boots with green and a white stripe in the middle.

Accessories: Two golden earings (on each ear), green and white belt, black watch (on left hand), and a necklace with a grey crystal.

STATS 1/10

Speed: 7/10
Strengh: 7/10
Defense: 8/10
Agility: 7/10
Intelligense: 9/10
Skill: 8/10


Family: John (Dad), Shaya (Mom), Cino (Big brother), Kenji (Younger sister).

Love Intersest: Shadow The Hedgehog

Friends: Icy the hedgehog, Amy Rose, Rouge, Blaze, Sonic, Silver, Knuckles, Angel, Sasha, etc?

Enemys: Sol the Hedgehog, Ruby, Zen ( certain time of the story ).

Skill: Manipulation of Earth/Geokinesis/Terrakinesis, horse riding. Wolf transforming (animal like).

Incompetence: Chess and flirting >:U

Talent: Gardening.

Weakness: Scar at the back of neck, Impatient, Stubborn, Easily bored.

Hobbies: Listen to music, staring at the lake, silent singing.

Habits: Chewing her thumb (when not using gloves), cringes at nothing while thinking.

Pets?: None

Home description: A wood cabin like house at the edge of a lake. Around of it, a small portion of a forest.


Personalitly: Serious, but doesn't mind goofing around, sometimes sarcastic and overprotective.

Fear: Bright lights, spiders, snakes, needles.

Quick BIO/Past:
Mika and her two siblings are taken to Gizmo, an old friend pf Jonh, to develope their powers. At the age of 14 (Kenji), 15 (Mika), and 17 (Cino), they encounter someone who wants to manipulate the elements and control the world to his please, but also encounter Sonic and friends searching for chaos emeralds, Mika finds one but Shadow rudely asks for it. They had a discussion of manners, anyways Mika and Kenji are againt this alliance with Sol tryig to get his hands on the elements, soon Cino sees his mistake and 'dies' destroying Sol's castle.
5 years later she encounters Sonic and his friends, and tells them that Sasha a friend helped them move into their new house at the edge of a lake. The awkardness between Shadow and Mika builds up :v.
Anyways, sometime later, Mika finds out that Sol is still alive so she goes to him and tells him that she wont allow their alliance.
Sol didn't like that so he sent Zen, to spy on them.


Likes: Hoodies, coffie, october, rain weather, that random candy corn teeth stuff, snow, Blue, Red, Black, White and Yellow colors, books, gardens, personal space, etc

Dislikes: Lemon flavored candy and cookies, being disturbed, bright lights, loudness, windy weather, summer, get dirt on her clothes, being stared at, etc.

Favorite food?: Rice :v and ramen... and steak :D

Favorite Drink?: Black Tea, Coffie, Coke..

Favorite books?: InkHeart.

Favorite Movie/TV series?: The Spiderwick Cronicles, Pinocchio.


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United States
I was born in a hospital. I live in a house. And im a human bean. My birthdate is.. 30 of November. Yep.. My ocupation? Being awesome and waste your time by making you read this. Yeah. Your Welcome. Also i have taken a liking to Attack on Titan soo yeah i guess im into that anime. Its like the only anime i've taken interest along with DeathNote soo..
I wasted time of your life that will never come back. Unless you have a ocarina and you know the Song of Time form Zelda....
Welp, here's how i work, you watch me, i watch you :v.
Thank you for stoping by, and wasting precious time of your life, wich was delicious, thank you.


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